The fastest way to list, reprice, ship and cross-sell your inventory on multiple channels.

List 1000's of items at once or individually, and search by ID or name

SellerChamp is the only platform that lists 10,000+ items at once. Simply upload a spreadsheet or scan a barcode to automatically list your items on Amazon and eBay.

Then, our A.I. engine can manage your continuous repricing. It factors in competing prices and how quickly your items sell, to intelligently evaluate and adjust prices in near real-time.

You can also search for individual items by ID number or name, and get instant access to buy-box prices and FBA fees.

Connect multiple Amazon or eBay accounts and switch between them

Do you have more than one account with Amazon or eBay? No problem. SellerChamp keeps them all in a single place, so you can manage your items and shipments across all your accounts.

No logging in and logging out of different marketplaces. No remembering multiple passwords. Just fast and easy fulfillment.

Quickly create, download and track your FBA shipments

With 1 click, SellerChamp will automatically create your FBA shipments and assign your items to FBA regions closest to you.

Quickly label & pack your items via SellerChamp's auto-print feature, auto-submit box content and ship!

Scan & Print your FBA labels on-demand

Stop searching sheets of labels, trying to find the right one for each item. SellerChamp prints the item's shipment number and box number on every FBA label, for fast packing.

Simply print your labels, attach them to your items, then you're done. And as you pack your boxes, SellerChamp automatically calculates each box's weight and gives 50-lb overage alerts.

Auto-reprice items across all your sales channels

SellerChamp uses Intelligent Repricing to automatically increase or decrease the prices of your items based on marketplace prices and your product sales. Intelligent Repricing uses continuous repricing to ensure that your items sell fast and at an optimal price-point.

Set flexible rules to configure the repricer based on your preferences.

Find restricted items ahead of item on eBay and Amazon.

Tried of receiving copyright warnings and having accounts suspened? SellerChamp will warn you if an item has been known to cause an infringment or copyright complaint BEFORE listing it on eBay or Amazon.

Send us items for which you've received complaints in the past and never receive multiple complaints for the same item ever again!

Cross-sell your items across your marketplaces and keep them in-sync.

Use SellerChamp's powerful Channel Connections feature to cross-sell your item across Amazon and eBay. SellerChamp will keep all your item quantities in-sync so you never oversell.

For FBA items that you cross-sell on eBay, SellerChamp can automatically create a fulfillment order with Amazon and upload tracking information into eBay.

Ship your seller-fulfilled items fast

SellerChamp saves time on items you ship from your warehouse. When your item sells, our integration with ShipStation allows you to print custom labels that have the SKU, name, and location of each item (e.g. Stall 2, Row 1, Section C).

Now, you can quickly find each item, attach the label, and ship it.

Easily manage inventory across all your accounts

Search, filter and download your inventory across all your sales channels. Make bulk updates, manage warehouse locations, set repricing rules and see a full revision history for all your items. With SellerChamp, inventory management is a breeze!

Upload a manifest and get data on each item – before you buy

Trying to decide if you should buy a mixed load? SellerChamp can help. Upload the manifest and we'll give you important data, so you can make an informed buying decision.

The data we provide includes the number of competing sellers, current price of each item, sales rank of each item, which items are FBA-restricted, and more.

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