Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I find my Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth Token?

The Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) is what allows SellerChamp to safely communicate with your Amazon Seller Account. If you haven't already, you will need to sign up for MWS. It only takes a moment and is completely free. Click here to view MWS Sign-up instructions.

2) Can I use SellerChamp to list items, create FBA Shipment and cross-sell my items?

Yes, SellerChamp enables you connect multiple marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Shopify), list items, create FBA Shipments, and reprice and cross-sell your items across multiple channels.

3) What equipment do I need?

You only need 3 things to start using SellerChamp – a computer, a label printer, and a barcode scanner. We recommend that the computer is running Windows 10.

Computer: If you need to upgrade your current one,
  HP HP 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop

Label Printer: Here is the printer that we recommend. It can be purchased for less than $70.
  DYMO LabelWriter 450

Barcode Scanner: Any USB scanner will work. Here is one that is less than $20 and includes a hands free stand.
  USB Automatic Barcode Scanner

4) Do I have to manually transfer all of my inventory from Amazon and eBay into SellerChamp?

No. SellerChamp makes your initial setup a breeze by automatically importing all of your listed inventory from Amazon. You can also upload any unlisted inventory in your warehouse, so that everything is accounted for and trackable.

5) How can I decide if a mixed load of inventory is worth buying?

We encourage you to upload the manifest, to gauge if it's worth purchasing. SellerChamp shows you key metrics for each item, including the selling price by condition, sales rank, number of competing sellers, and which items are restricted on Amazon FBA.

6) How can I learn how to use SellerChamp?

Since we've been sellers just like you, we made SellerChamp powerful and extremely helpful, but very easy to use. If you need assistance with anything, call us at +1-888-456-3109, or send an email to

7) I have 3 Amazon accounts and 2 eBay accounts. Can I connect SellerChamp to all of them?

Yes. We've integrated with Amazon and eBay, so you can connect multiple accounts and easily switch between them in SellerChamp. This also lets you move any restricted items on Amazon FBA over to your seller account on eBay.

8) Do I need to change my VPN connection or use a separate computer for my multiple accounts?

No. With SellerChamp, you never have to worry about using separate VPN connections or separate computers. Our servers connect to your Amazon or eBay accounts and use our IP addresses, so there's no need to use a "fake" IP address. Your computer's IP address is never sent.

9) Can my employees use SellerChamp from multiple computers and at the same time?

Yes. SellerChamp keeps all of your account data from multiple computers in one place, so your employees always get current inventory info. You can also have multiple users logged in to the same account at the same time.

10) Is there a contract?

No. SellerChamp is a monthly service and your first 14 days are free. After you start your paid account, you can cancel at any time and avoid the following month's charges.

11) Will you ever sell or give my personal information to a 3rd party?

No. We respect your privacy and will never share your information with anyone without first getting your permission.

12) How do I find my Woo Commerce API Key?

Here is how you can generate API key and secret.

13) What am I waiting for?

That's what we want to know! We guarantee SellerChamp will cut down on the it takes to run your operations, as well as reduce errors and mistakes.

Start your free trial and you'll see how we help our sellers Buy Smarter, List Faster, and Ship Easier.

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